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Our team is made up of digital pedagogues, edtech gurus, online instructors, and multidisciplinary researchers who know what it means to innovate. They understand how to design online and blended courses and not only meet our partners where they are, but take them where they need to go. iDesign team members recognize the challenges colleges, universities, businesses and healthcare providers face in an ever-competitive marketplace and are inspired by the mission to make education more affordable and accessible.

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Pairing candor with care

Honesty is the best policy in our book. We are forthcoming internally with our colleagues and externally with our partners. Even if being transparent makes us and others feel vulnerable, it comes from a desire to do the right thing.

Relating to clients as partners

We want to be thought partners, not simply vendors. With every project, we embrace shared ownership and consider our partners’ success our success and vice versa. From our perspective, success is measured not only by financial growth, but also by stakeholder satisfaction and learner experience quality.

Balancing quality and efficiency

With our best-in-class instructional design and marketing expertise, we push multiple projects forward quickly. Our experts have seen every online challenge imaginable and reprioritize tasks without sacrificing quality or service.

Listening and evolving together

While the higher education landscape continues to evolve, we pause and listen to understand our partners. We do not jump into offering every service. We work with a narrow focus and refine and scale together as we grow.

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