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iDesign Pathways
iDesign Pathways

Through decades of instructional design experience across higher ed, K-12, and the corporate sector, the iDesign team noticed a persistent gap between the learner experiences that educators and companies envision and the experiences they end up offering.  In principle, most want effective and engaging courses with content and activities aligned to measurable outcomes and skills.  In practice, most fall short.  Align is a curriculum mapping, outcome alignment, and accreditation reporting SaaS tool that bridges the gap between vision and execution.  Our learning architects and instructional designers are educators first, so we understand what you need in an integrated platform.  Align captures comprehensive curriculum data, makes it accessible through intuitive visualizations, and creates actionable insights through robust reporting and a visual interface to update both your curriculum maps and your underlying data. 

Simplifying and improving the way you interact with curriculum data is transformative across the full learner experience lifecycle.  Visual insights allow you to identify gaps and overlaps immediately while facilitating complex communications with stakeholders during curriculum design and continuous improvement.  Accreditation reporting with the click of a button enables reallocation of significant resources from documentation to functions that directly impact the learner experience.

LX Pathways

From newly minted professionals to mid-level and senior-level practitioners, there is a Learning Experience (LX) pathway for you.  Online instructors can sign up for our free Fundamentals of Online Teaching and receive a Completion Certificate.  Instructional technologists and learning architects have two options to consider.  They can choose the self-paced, competency-based program, which results in stackable credentials (if they are newer to the field).  Those with some chops can circumvent this step and dive into the portfolio experience, working directly with an experienced mentor.  They will develop an online portfolio that highlights key skills.